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We are a social impact consultancy to the public, private and NGO clients

Impact Pointe helps you achieve the social impact you desire

About Us

Impact Pointe Consultancy Limited (IPCL) is a social impact consultancy focused on creating mutual benefits for international, public and private sectors clients as well as NGOs and Non-Profit actors to scale social impact solutions by maximizing access to the financial and technical assistance needs.

Business Growth


Whether you are a government agency seeking to amplify your impact with limited resources, or a private sector company concerned about the future of your business, Impact Pointe can help you achieve your goals.

Impact Pointe works with Private, Public, Donors, NGOs and Non-profits to provide strategy consulting and funding support that exploit opportunities and addresses challenges facing scaling social impact  

Public Sector

We drive contextually-focused and practical solutions to help governments achieve their goals

Private Sector

We support organisations to create and implement strategies that maximise their impact

Donors, NGOs and Non-profits

We strive to help Donors, NGOs and Non-profits attain scalable and equitable impact

50+ Clients

We have provided and currently serving clients across Agriculture, Manufacturing, Government, Technology, Circular Economy Sectors amongst others

N100 Million Raised

Total Amount Raised for our clients through fund lobbying 

19 States

Our client base spans across all the geo-political zones of Nigeria


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